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Winter Princess Sandhill Snow Wolf Acquisition A Noble Bloom Alerted Alpha Pair Copper Harbor Light Fishy Stories Gray Dawn Rising Gull Rock Lt. Marquette Lighthouse Messy Garden Nightmare in Joplin Old Wisconsin Spirit Falls American Kestrel Eagle Falls Great Horned Owl Wily Dance of the Aurora Moon Bear Big Birch Favorite Birch Hattie Earthborn Harmony Horse Sense
Artist’s Statement

I enjoy watercolors for the spontaneous quality of the medium.
I find this quality to be very exciting, giving a sense of adventure to my painting experience.
This is what drew me to the medium and what keeps watercolor as my favorite form of artistic

My subjects are drawn from the natural environment around me.  As an observer of the natural
world and an avid gardener, I am surrounded by a wealth of inspiration.
I paint both from memory and from photographs.  Although my photos serve to initiate the
creative process, once I begin painting, it is the “spirit” of the subject that guides my

Karen Lenhart

Information about the Artist

A native of Wisconsin, now living in the Upper Peninsula of
Michigan, Karen is inspired by the natural world that
surrounds her lake home, which is nestled in the Ottawa
National Forest. Working primarily in watercolor and other
water medium, she is fascinated with capturing the ‘spirit’
of her subject.  Karen’s work is best described as
impressionistic realism.

Karen is active in several local and regional art
organizations.   A founding member of Artistree Gallery
Cooperative in Land O’Lakes, WI, she serves on it’s Board of
Directors and helps coordinate Gallery operations.   Through Land O’Lakes Area 
Artisans, Inc., (LOLA), a 501(c)(3) organization supporting the arts in Northern
Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Karen teaches art to both children
and adults and serves on LOLA’s Board of Directors.

Recent awards include:  “Best of Show” - Presque Isle Fine Art Show in Presque Isle, WI, “ Best of
Show” (2010) and “Second Place” (2011) - Sun Prairie Art Fest in Sun Prairie, WI, a “Merit Award”
- Manito Art League Show in  Manitowish Waters, WI.  “Fine Art Award of Excellence” - Art 
Impressions in Land O’Lakes,  WI,  and the “Nicolet College Purchase Award” - Northern National
Art Competition in Rhinelander, WI . 

In 2010, Lenhart received Artist-in-Residence status at the Porcupine Mountain State 
Park in Upper Michigan, sponsored by Friends of the Porkies.  The residency provided an
opportunity to paint plein-aire, explore and to be inspired by the raw beauty of this
Lake Superior region.   Karen feels it’s critical for an artist to have ‘quiet time’
in order to observe, understand, interpret and create.  At the conclusion of this 
unique wilderness experience, she returned to her studio creatively enriched and 
spiritually refreshed.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in art education from the University of
Wisconsin – Madison.

Nightmare in Joplin:
Watercolor, Image
size 11" x 15"
  Old Wisconsin:
Watercolor, Image
size  11" x 15"
 Gray Dawn Rising:
Watercolor, Image
size  11" x 15"
  Spirit Falls:
Watercolor, Image
size  16" x 20 " 
 Old Vantage Point:
size:  11 x 15"
Eagle Falls Great Horned Owl Wily Dance of the Aurora Moon Bear
  Eagle Falls:
Watercolor, Image
size  16 x 20"
  Great Horned
Watercolor, Image
size  11" x 15" 
Watercolor, Image
size  11" x 15"
  Dance of the
 Aurora Moon Bear:
Watercolor, image
size  10" x 13"
  Big Birch:
Image on canvas
size: 24" x 36"
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 Big Birch:
Watercolor, image
size: 24" x 36"
 Favorite Birch:
Watercolor, image
size: 11" x 15"
Watercolor, image
size: 11" x 15"
Earthborn Harmony:
Watercolor, image
size: 10" x 10"
Old Vantage Point:
Watercolor, image
size: 11" x 15" 
  Silence Broken:
Watercolor, image
size: 11" x 15"
Watercolor, image
size: 11" x 15"
 A Final Look:
Watercolor, image
size: 11" x 15
Watercolor, image
size: 7" x 7"
  Messy Garden:
Watercolor, image
size: 11" x 14"
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Name of Artist: Karen Lenhart                         Place: Artistree Gallery

Location: N4020 Cisco Lake Rd,                        Location: 4262 Highway B
  Watersmeet, MI 49969                                    Land O lakes, WI 54540
Phone Number: (906) 358-4473                          Phone:  715-547-6208 
E-mail: kalenhart@gmail.com

2013 Showings:
 The dates for the 2013 showings will be posted in April, 2013

Hope to see you there!

-Karen Lenhart